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LedShow 2018 is the highly appreciated and popular software used today. If you are interested in LedShow 2018 software, you can find download links and installation instructions, use in the following article.

1. Installation instructions for Ledshow 2018

Link to download Ledshow 2018
==> Download software link: Ledshow 2018

Installation steps
Step 1: Download ledshow 2018 to your device.

Step 2: Install LedShow 2018 software on the device.

After completing the download of ledshow 2018 software on your computer, please select the Vietnamese language for easy use later.

Step 3: On the toolbar, click Settings, then select LedShow screen parameter settings and then choose Password.

Once you have entered the password, a new window will appear for you to start making settings for your ad.




phần mềm led show 2018
Phần mềm Ledshow 2018 có giao diện khá dễ sử dụng

The meaning of the item number displayed in the software runs letters Led Show.

(1): Information about the BX series you are currently using.

(2): The exact symbol of the control card you use for the billboard is intended to change the content. This symbol will be found on the USB port or the COM port.

(3): Method used for data connection: COM port with computer, USB port, Network cable.

(4): Number of pixels controlled horizontally of the billboard.

(5): Number of pixels controlled by the height of the billboard.

In (4) and (5) you will calculate the number of pixels in the following way:

-A matrix module module P10 (includes 1 color or 3 colors): Height 16 pixels * Width of 32 pixels.

-A Module P16 (3 colors), p20 module (3 colors): Height 8 pixels * Width of 16 pixels.

Now just need to calculate your billboard width and height how much and then multiply by the ratio mentioned above.

Section 6: If the billboard has only 1 color, choose 1 color, while 3 colors, choose 2 colors.

Section 7: If the billboard has a single color, choose 1 Roman, if it's 3 colors then press 2 Roman.

Sections 8 and 9: If the billboard has a monochromatic color, just select the Negative and high. And 3 colors, choose anode and low.

In case the billboard uses the USB port, click Save in item 10 and click Close in item 11.

In case of billboards using COM port, in section 9, you select the COM port code and select 5700 and press SAVE in item 10 and Close in section 11.

2. Guide to Ledshow 2018

In the software interface ledshow, click "Type". Now you perform the drag and drop to customize the size of the area to enter text in the simulation screen. Continue to select the icon to open a window just below the control bar.

tùy chỉnh kích thước vùng nhập chữ
Chọn “Gõ chữ” để tùy chỉnh kích thước của vùng nhập chữ ở màn hình mô phỏng
  • A new window will appear, all you have to do now is enter the text that will appear above the billboard.

Choose font, font size, bold, italics, etc.

  • The display area is where you use to customize the effect, the speed of appearance. To select the border of the text, click Shine Boder and check the box Enable and just select the appropriate border style in Style.
  • Insert image logo.
  • In the software to run LED letters, you just need to select the image or text and drag and drop into the program. Be sure to insert pictures and text that do not overlap other program frames.
  • Open the folder with the logo image, then select the most appropriate one.
  • View the content has been drafted in the simulation screen and reasonable customization.
  • To edit more programs to change the content, in ledshowtw2018, just add a new program.
  • When you are finished editing and editing the content in ledshow tw 2018, you just need to save it.
kết thúc soạn thảo
Kết thúc soạn thảo, nhấn save để lưu

Above is all information about ledshow 2018. Hope with the above information of VIETKING has partly helped you understand the software running LED show 2018 as well as how to use it most effectively.

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